Zhigang think-tank (Wang Zhigang studio) was founded in 1994. It’s one of the most influential native think-tanks and strategy consulting companies in China, which is the pioneer and leader in China's strategy consulting field, serving every aspirational enterprise and government to provide the most innovative and feasible strategy. We are committed to China's Best Strategy Think Tank.

Since its establishment, Zhigang Think Tank has been adhering to the core values of Being Simple and Prudent, Giving Third-Party Opinions and Keeping with The Times. We have provided thousands of regional strategies, project strategies and enterprise strategies for enterprises and hundreds for local governments. Our team has a wealth of practical experience and successful cases.

Zhigang Think Tank has five strategy planning centers (executive teams for consultation business) in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu. We has hundreds of full-time consultants, among which 20% have worked for us for more than 10 year and 50% have worked for us for more than 5 years. The company has cultivated a strong and experienced multi talent team.



    To provide the most innovative and operable strategy for all enterprises and governments with lofty goals. To build a strategy think tank with Chinese characteristics while helping enterprises achieve success.


    Being Simple and Prudent
    Giving Third-Party Opinions
    Keeping with The Times


    Leading the Market Trend
    Enjoying the Adventure Surfing


  • We are Early Warning Aircraft

    Ability to deal with overall situations. The core value of the early warning aircraft doesn’t depend from its own combat capability, but from its unique vision and foresight, pointing the way forward for customers and preventing them from falling into traps. Zhigang Think Tank, by dealing with overall situations, appropriately guides the customer to break the rules and become the rule maker and the industry leader.

  • We are UFO

    Ability to innovate concept. When our clients seek strategy breakthroughs, explore the unknown world or make major changes, not conventional consultation companies but Zhigang Think Tank can fulfill the tasks. Strategy breakthrough is not just an empty talk, but a down-to-earth strategy. Zhigang Think Tank is not a captive animal or a free range animal, but a wild animal. Our advantage is to provide practical and innovative strategy, and our core value is to help our customer build a new road where there is no road.

  • We are Transformer, Incubator or Accelerator

    Ability to coordinate and integrate resources. Zhigang Think Tank builds the road to cooperating with government, education and industries, with independent identity, detached position. We rely on actual combat cases to establish our authority and credibility. We’ll not only help our customers find right direction, recover confidence, but also give them platform and resources. We are like Unifying incompatible electrical currents into one current. Zhigang Think Tank not only helps customers integrate internal and external resources, but also acts as a transformer, an incubator or an accelerator, especially building a bridge between the government and the market.

Our Services

Zhigang Think Tank provides three types of consulting services for government and corporation:

Regional Strategy consultation

We provide strategy positioning study, industrial research, marketing planning, investment promotion and other services of the whole administrative and key districts (new towns, parks, scenic spots, etc.) for local governments at all levels.

  • Regional Overall Planning
  • Comprehensive Tourism Planning
  • Industrial Development Planning
  • Urban Marketing Planning
  • Area Development Planning

Project Strategy Consultation

We provide market analysis, project positioning, theme creativity, development strategies, marketing promotion, resource integration and other services for comprehensive development enterprises, government platform companies and professional industrial operators.

  • Culture & Tourism Health Care Project
  • Urban Renewal Project
  • Characteristic Town Project
  • Industrial Park/Industrial New Town
  • Village Revitalization/Garden Complex

Corporation Strategy Consultation

We provide competitive strategy, expansion strategy, urban expansion strategy, new product strategy, brand strategy and other services in the period of rapid growth or transformation for state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, such as cultural tourism, big health, pension, real estate and engineering, big consumption, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Top-Level Design
  • Incremental Cultivation
  • Brand Rebranding
  • Government-Enterprise Cooperation
  • Resource Integration

Service Process

Zhigang Think Tank will provide consultation services through field research, thematic research, program formulation and advisory services. The service period is about 6-12 months, depending on the specific situation.


Survey period

field research
on-site interview



Study period

Typical study
Brain storm



First draft

Finish first draft



Middle draft

Modify report



final report

Modify report



Advisory period

Key decision
Special advisory



  • Not just for Money Principle

    Making money for a living is hard, but making money for money will probably be stimulating. So work is our hobby, and money is just accompanying thing with splendid job. For us, the pressure of survival is not great, money is just a by-product.

  • Not just a Company Principle

    As an independent business advisory body, we must follow the rules of the market economy, connecting with the market in a corporate way. Only in this way can we realize the value of knowledge and wisdom, obtain wealth and profits to make decent living and effective development and pay taxes for our country.But we are not just a company, because our pursuit of a strategy think tank with Chinese characteristics is not for profit maximization as a goal. No matter our organizational structure, management model, personnel quality requirements and KPI are different from the ordinary business organizations, but at the same time has the nature of a strategic research institution, so that we can maintain the position of leading the market trend.

  • Four-Self Principle

    We are "wild animals" and advocate the Third Kind of Survival. We rely on not government officials or business relations. On the basis of independent personality, we have self-respect, self-reliance, self-improvement and self-discipline, and rely on knowledge and wisdom to survive in the world. We advocate singing only the Internationale, not the Red East. The spirit of the internationale is " no savior from on high delivers, our own right hand the chains must shiver".

  • Surfing Principle

    Our job is to help clients switch CPU, not babysit. We hate simple imitation, perfunctory copy. We strive for innovation and exploration, pursuing constantly beyond the limits, challenging the limits of wisdom for pleasure.Where there is no way, there is our planners’ responsibility to explore a new way.Planning is the backbreaking work, but also the work to challenge the limits of wisdom.

  • Not Overdraw Principle

    Our task principle is to enrich the society, and never overdraw it. This is the foundation of our reputation and brand. The principle requires us to be wiser, not shrewd.There is no such thing as a free lunch. When many people in the society become extremely shrewd because of excessive marketization, the scarce "fool" who doesn’t take advantage of cheap things and calculate good things, become valuable. Such seemingly invisible thing is our most valuable wealth.

  • Hands-off Principle

    We advocate "hands-off" management. Our employees are full of work passion, daring to face challenges; they take the initiative to fight for opportunities, never being lazy or shirking; they get neither self-important nor self-depreciative; they are loyal, diligent, dutiful and devoted. As the old saying " ruling gentleman with propriety, but ruling vile man with law", we believe that saints need no rule.The one who can finish tasks while you are in sound sleep, is the one you need mostly.When you are busy, you should be happy as a useful person;When you are free, you shouldn’t be gloating as a redundant person.

  • Three-Step Principle

    People who enter Zhigang Think Tank must go through a three-step process: "the soul goes out of body, improves itself, and returns back ". First of all, the soul goes out-of-body, getting rid of the old self. Then it should be like a spirit wandering between the studio to absorb nutrients and master the essence of the enlightenment. At last, it returns to graft their original knowledge experience for sublimation.When you feel that there are endless mountains to climb, endless rivers to wade, and the sun is new every day, you are not out of date. When you're stuck in your laurels, either to learn or feel nothing to learn, it's your time to leave.

  • Fall off Principle

    Satellites are propelled into orbit by rockets. But when the satellite enters the preset orbit, the rocket will automatically fall off. If the enterprise or project is a satellite, then the planner is a rocket. Planning as a booster must ensure that the enterprise or project is on track. Once they are functioning properly, the planner has completed his mission and should "fall off". If the planners can't get their position right and try to spin the satellite, they are just asking for trouble.

  • Hungry Master Principle

    Satellites are propelled into orbit by rockets. But when the satellite enters the preset orbit, the rocket will automatically fall off. If the enterprise or project is a satellite, then the planner is a rocket. Planning as a booster must ensure that the enterprise or project is on track. Once they are functioning properly, the planner has completed his mission and should "fall off". If the planners can't get their position right and try to spin the satellite, they are just asking for trouble.

  • Beyond Range Principle

    The usual response to defamatory attacks is to explain or fight back. Our strategy is to get out of range. You are attacked because you are the leader, always running ahead of others. If you turn back to fight, time and speed will be lost, while the attacker will probably surpass you. So, the best way is to ignore it and just run as faster as you can toward your target. Pull the distance from your attacker wider and wider until he can no longer reach your shadow and abandon his bow and arrow to the ground. In this way, you will walk more easily.Nobody is able to beat you but yourself!